Welcome, and Introduction

Peeping through the Dreamer's Door

Welcome to the 28 Day Toltec Challenge

Challenge Processes

The 28-Day challenge is designed to respect the relationship between man and the wider cosmos. It should be started at the time of the New Moon for a complete lunar cycle. Check New Moon Calculator Check the date a put it as a reminder in your phone or diary.

Beginning at this time is a way of aligning oneself and one's actions with the natural forces that govern the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. It acknowledges that a person's actions need to be in harmony with their environment and context.

The reason why most people don't reach their full potential is because they are not accountable to anyone outside of themselves. Those people who are successful simply have one quality above the others, which is they make a plan and stick to it. They may have set-backs in life but they are not set back by them. Successful people use their setbacks as reasons to accelerate their determination. They use set-backs for personal growth and learning. This is the simple truth. This means that for the rest of people the pathway to success has to be through accountability to someone else, at least in the short-term; This 28-Day Challenge is a 28-Day Accountability package with a difference because it is structured towards gaining self-awareness and self-accountability.

It is understood that many people will arrive here at days far from the beginning of the New Moon cycle. While this is unfortunate it is also valuable. It is valuable because it gives you time to truly assess your commitment to life changes. It gives you time to plan your daily activities to designate your most creative time to your campaign. Waiting can be a useful tool for generating excitement and expectation. Use this time wisely and you will find it advantageous.
Use the time to ponder what will you change in your life? Do Not read any further until the appointed day. Recognise and note any tendency to ignore or baulk against such an instruction. This is a learned reaction to authority. It does not serve you. To begin look up the date of the next New Moon and print a copy of the 28Day Daily Planner page, write the date in the left hand column. Mark your preferencial time slots for each day.

You can register now, before the day of the new moon, but remember you will only start receiving the email links beginning with the new moon.

Taking the Challenge.