Toltec Life-Coaching

As a person finishes or even engages with the Toltec Challenge there are alternative opportunities to continue with the work in an organised way. It is a mistake to think that a person can truly increase their self-awareness isolated from those around them. We all inhabit a dream-world from which we are attempting to wake up. As with all dreams, those elements that inhabit and those that create and furnish the background are all projections of ourselves. Messages from self to Self. Until we awaken to this fact in an experiential way, knowing it intellectually will not help at all.

There is an on-going Toltec Party, which you will hear about on Day 27 at the end of the Challenge. This is a full apprenticeship in the Great Work, which already has many processes stored online and a small team of warriors collected. This is certainly not a journey for the faint-hearted.

Now I am ready to offer a second option, Online Personal Coaching in the Toltec practices and tradition. This service can be likened to a life-coaching/mentoring approach with a solution oriented directive....... yet it has a significant difference.

Toltec perceptions offer many mechanisms similar to standard psychotherapies, life-coaching, and even spiritual pastors, and yet it adds something that shifts the viewpoint and attitudes in ways that really are magical. Often participants say it is like being with a Shaman, but you are really the Shaman yourself. Nothing is being done to you or for you, because you are the sole inhabitant of your own dream.

In such a mentoring agreement you are inviting me into your world, to help you open to and understand the dream you are in. My task is to gently shake you awake and ask what are you dreaming? Is it Lucid? Uplifting? A nightmare?


- We often see Coaching as a way to overcome our failings -

# Toltec Axiom - A Warrior sees that Opening the Doorway to Faults is the Path to Personal Power. Denial is way to Self-Indulgence and leads to the Greatest Setbacks.


What is the difference that makes the difference in choosing Toltec coaching?

  • Rather than rely on testimonials I chose to offer the free Toltec Challenge to provide a personal evaluation of how and what I might use as guidance and tools to discover, or rather uncover your hidden potential.
  • With over forty years developing deep level trance and conscious connection I can access areas in consciousness that hold many of the keys that open the gates to freedom. After all, the ultimate goal of Toltec is total freedom. The tools and processes have been refined over thousands of years to this end, and as an oral tradition, it has been able to adapt its language and methods as human consciousness has evolved.
  • As soon as we truly understand what being in the dream really means in practical terms the shift in perception is in itself a monumental transformation. Spirituality occupies a completely different domain rather than some level or realm that is relative to the physical world. Every number is related to every other number, except zero and infinity which are on a completely different scale.
  • We hear a lot said about beliefs creating reality as if changing an intellectual idea about something will miraculously give you what you want. However, when you imbue an intellectual idea with certainty by giving it emotional desire you are likely to turn that into actions that will draw the desire into your world.
  • This works extremely well, and would be highly useful if you could separate your other desires from the one you attracting. The truth is you are also a complex set of ideas that are mostly ignored on the sideline and which are empowered by the same energy. This results in a vector, a little bit of this and a bit of that. You need to be able to gain control of your identities as well.

  • You will have heard the saying that you a spiritual being having an earthly experience. This suggests that the earthly physical reality is in fact real, and continues to exist after you move on. Of course it is an agreed set of co-ordinates in which to interact, interrelate and is interdependent on other individual consciousnesses. It is a co-creation we use to slow down the responses of consciousness, by creating “time”, in order to gain some sort of understanding of “how it all works”. The full understanding of these concepts has the potential to transform lives.
  • Through Toltec coaching you discover what “life purpose, life dream” might ultimately mean. Understanding the relationship between your deep astrological make-up and your interpretation of your personal experiences allows you see the balance between your purpose and your challenges. Astrology is a shared experience mirrored back from the cosmic environment. Recognising your Enneagram type gives you more insights into how you have become fixated in the ways you approach life.
  • It is often said that you have to set goals to move ahead. While it certainly is necessary to set intentions, it is also necessary to release these and open yourself to the infinity of opportunities that surround you in the etheric field just beyond thought. In other words you need to decide and present your direction, then take action in harmony with Divine guidance. Toltec offers specific tools about learning to stop the world. If there is one action humanity needs to learn, it is captured in the word “Stop”.
  • Toltec is quoted as saying never to take anything at face value. Actually the only absolute truth is that everything is a paradox. That is that people, things, and events are both what you see and their mirror reflections at the same time. Of course this is a completely irrational statement, and it is from this that it is also the most powerful one. Finding lasting joy and contentment in the paradox is a wordless experience.
  • The most important gift is to discover and embrace the magnificence of standing in a place of identity-less identity. The place where you hold no position or desire, when you have finally released even your spiritual identity. From this position you are unlimited power.

I want to add to these benefits a final qualifying remark. While all of this might sound beyond the ordinary person, paradoxically as soon as you understand something comprehensively it becomes outstandingly simple. I believe in taking an individual from where they seem to be and guide them to where they want to get.

The Toltec Path is filled with compassion, but it is truly Ruthless Compassion. There is nothing compassionate as colluding with someone out of nicety and protecting their habitual patterns. The Toltec principle is that one is either the hunter or the prey, the hunted. A hunter stalks it's prey by learning about it's habits. Once you have freed yourself from your patterns you are no longer prey.

Students and Apprentices of Toltec have always moved forward in fits and starts. You will always know when you are ready for the next installment. I know from my own forty-year unfolding that it is a powerful and at times challenging path. If you want to truly meet yourself without any masks, then this is the moment of decision.

If you wish to proceed further, sign-up below; send your full name, preferred email address, your location at the present time, where you were born, date of birth and time if known. Write a brief synopsis of your present situation is and what you wish to achieve though coaching, i.e. what alternative situation you would prefer to be experiencing.

I will consider your request and arrange an on-line introductory call. We will discuss how to reach your stated intention, and the likely charges.

Toltec is an extra-ordinary path, so one should never expect the ordinary in any sense. The Path with a Heart is well defined, the are tools collected from the Ancient Wisdoms traditions and updated with the latest consciousness technologies. There is a moment in time for everyone, when all the coincidences align, and for quite a number of you it comes when you arrive at the door of the 28-Day Toltec Challenge and the opportunity to re-search further for your personal re-creation. It is useful to know that the pronoun re- means about, regarding, to return, go over, do again.