Have You been Reading Endless Promises that Somebody KNOWS the Universal Secrets to Manifestation

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 AND then they want you to Sign up for a Special Low price for the Keys.

My name is Francis Evans and I've been researching the Laws of the Universe for over 40 years. I've looked into most of these claims and techniques and to be fair many of them are based on valuable and useful premises.

While this is undoubtedly true there is certainly not a single one which works. If this were not the case then everybody would have found that out and the world would not be as it is!

I know I'm not the only person who knows this, yet we're all seeking the one programme that is different. I don't even claim to have that one, but I do know this secret.......

It isn't about the technique it's about the person. If you want to have whatever you want, and you haven't already got that, then you have to change the person you are.

YES! You already knew that.

But No, this isn't about Hypnosis although in another way it is about waking up from a Hypnotic Trance.

There are so many books and gurus on Law of Attraction, but that's not it either. Of course there are parts of this that resonate, as well as the Course of Miracles.... and quite a few others too.

NLP has been a catch it all approach to personal change and should be given true recognition, but that's not it either. There's a lot of hype  around and about Cosmic Ordering from Barbara Mohr.......

And you can find plenty of celebrities giving testimonials on everything up to Scientology, which I can say contains as many truths as pretty much all the others. In fact its likely that many of these so-called new theories find their roots in the original manuscripts of L. Ron Hubbard.... But this doesn't capture the whole either.

Then is it Really Possible to Create an Abundant and Prosperous Universe?


I read someone ask whether it was possible to “ask for a truck-load of cash, and then just sit back and wait for it to appear?”


The optimum part of that question is the statement “just sit back and wait for it to appear”.

Here's the rub – the Universe doesn't respond to those not willing to make changes!


There's a very old adage that says “if you keep doing the same thing you'll keep getting the same result”. And that goes hand in hand with “You can't solve anything at the same logical level you used to create it”.

I'll spell it out for you right here. If you're not already Abundant and Prosperous then you'll stay this way until you change something about yourself. That's obvious, but how do you change that something from a logical level higher than the one in which you used to create it?


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A Brief Story of the Toltec Challenge

A lot of things happen by accident. Of course we know there are no accidents, but we might say these events are not planned. For years my life was one great big accident. The accidents started when I was born, but didn't become apparent until I was taken to hospital at four years old with bronchial pneumonia. I went in as one child and came out two or three months later a different one. The world I saw was very different from everyone else's. I couldn't make sense of how others described it, so I kept my thoughts to myself and felt isolated.

When I was twenty-two I met a woman mystic by pure accident. She had been told that her job was to train a group of the 'Children who came with Flowers' long before we arrived. By a twist of fate she taught us how to meditate to receive knowledge for ourselves. I was extremely good at this because I had been in this place for a long time. The apprenticeship was three years before I went travelling. In England I was exposed to a rich array of mystical experiences and more accidental meetings. I was being guided down a pathway that I didn't expect.

After three years I took the overland 'hippy trail' back to the Antipodes through Turkey, Iran, India and South East Asia. More meetings with remarkable people and the opening for a shifting perspective. I arrived back in New Zealand and started a journey of transformation. I learned hypnosis and NLP, and began to open the channel with a meditation practice. I had started a self-development group and with encouragement I channelled an entity claiming to be a past-life teacher of mine. The sessions were recorded but I never listened to any of them. I was told the material was excellent yet I was averse to hearing any of it. I didn't like the sound of the voice.

I did this for the best part of ten years before an extraordinary shift occurred. At the beginning of a session a completely new voice came in giving the name Mercredan. He/it said that it was not an focus entity at all; it was very simply "nothing at all". That the name Mercredan was an address so that I knew where I was coming from. The nature of the knowledge was also a whole degree different than previously.

At about the same time I picked up the Carlos Castenada books again. I had been exposed to "Teachings of Don Juan" a number of years before but my interest wasn't called to tales of psychedelic plants. This time I found "Journey to Ixlan" and I started reading about Toltec. Over the next few years I devoured as much as a could about what Toltec was. The guidance was always willing to lead me to where I was to be, which included the Theosophical Society.

It was the beginning of 1991, and I continued having random events and meetings while I channelled and recorded Mercredan tapes that I still didn't listen to. I was doing private paid sessions by this time and yet I was sure that it was not my time yet. I met Annabelle late 2010 and by 2011 we had started doing recorded channelling sessions which she transcribed.

I began reading these sessions and was amazed by what was being delivered. We did a series of 40 weekly sessions from which I distilled that I had been on a guided journey from very early times. It had been on a Toltec Journey provided directly from the nothing I encountered with Mercredan, in Toltec terms this is the "Nagual". All of the intervening period and the study I had done fell into place and I was compelled to create the 28-Day Toltec Challenge as a structure to introduce people to the Toltec Way of Freedom, the so-called "Path with Heart".

The path doesn't stop with the Challenge, but I will let you discover that. The purpose here is to offer a free introduction, there is no pressure to advance further because that is dependent on your calling. There are many Toltecs alive today who have been seeking and never discovered what their calling is. If this is you then I challenge you, more so I dare you to register now for this amazing process. Inside you can find answers to many questions and answers to life's experiences, from family to health, relationships to loneliness.

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“Everything you can imagine is real”

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