28-Day Toltec Challenge Overview

Finding the Doorway to the Warrior's Dream


Where the Eagle dares the Warrior followsEvery advertising campaign, every sales pitch, every attempt to enroll somebody ultimately is offering a path to happiness. If you have this, if you do this, if you eat or drink this, then you'll be happy.

Nothing in this world will make you happy because happiness is inside yourself. Through this course I cannot make you happy. I can show you a path that I have found useful in my own evolution to have benefit but even here I cannot say that it is the path for you.

I am offering you a 28-Day opportunity to test the waters to discover what benefits it can reveal to you. I ask only that if you set out on the path you follow it all the way to the end, for I know you will not be able to assess its potency until that point. We live in a DIY world where a lot of people know of a better way, a better tool. In this case let us not make the path any more complicated because as a species we are often too clever for our own good. Many times the difficulty is not in the tool but in the habits of a lifetime.

Much of what you may have learned from textbooks, academia or even others is not useful for you. The Toltec philosophy is only a container to hold and reflect on your personal explorations. Mostly the greatest trick of all is the ability to discard much you have been taught and learned about life. Nobody can experience with clarity that which is contaminated with past ideas and beliefs.

The only guarantee I make is that once you commit to this challenge your life will never be the same again. This is not to say you will never have provocations or upsets to contend with, but that you will respond to them with a new type of clarity. Throughout the challenge you are developing and accumulating what in Toltec is known as personal power, this isn’t the power to beat someone or something, but the power to meet yourself, and from this perspective you can overcome anything.

Many people, perhaps most, live life on the defensive. Their modus operandi is protection and due to this while they are alive they are not living. Toltec teaches that Death is not the enemy but one’s ally, and along the way I hope you will truly understand this.

So by choosing life you are committing yourself to a journey to freedom and through that to discover a deeper level of happiness. Join us on this Toltec Challenge Path. If you are ready to proceed on this free 28-Day Challenge then go on to the Welcome, Introduction unit.

Find the Doorway, Peep Through