28-Day Toltec Challenge Overview

Entering in the Dreamer's Doorway

The 28 Day Toltec Challenge

For the Success Oriented Person with a True Mission

A New Approach to Manifesting & Creating
the Life You Want and Deserve

Beginning the first day of the New Moon, for 28 days

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Begin by scrolling to the bottom of the page and sign the acknowledgement. This page remains available when you register and login to your account.

The 28-Day Toltec Challenge begins on the new moon each cycle, at which time you will receive an email advising you that the next cycle has begun and your first assignment is now available. Each cycle remains open for a period of five days following the actual new moon date.

You may register at any time before the new moon date, and rest assured you will be notified when the next challenge begins.

By registering on this course you acknowledge that the information contained in this free online Challenge is the sole property of Francis Evans, and will not to be taught, copied or distributed in print, electronic or any other form without the author's written consent.

Opening the First Door.